Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in sixties_sewing,

first post from me

Take one slighly hideous evening dress pattern and remove the fussy interfacing ...
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Apologies for the shoddy photos, I borrowed my housemate's camera and I'm not used to it. My faithful canon has gone awol about the house somewhere. It's very frustrating.

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Made from vintage corduroy lined with modern floral cotton . I only had 1m of the corduroy so I had to split some of the bodice into several parts in order to fit it on the fabric. The flimsy floral cotton lining was a pain in the arse. The photo I took of the lining didn't come out to my satisfaction. I guess I'll take some better photos when I find my own camera.

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The blouse is one I already own (from h&m I believe), I put it on because the dummy happens to be the exact same shade of blue as the dress and it looked very confusing otherwise

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