kommt sowieso alles aus dem gleichen Tanklaster (altglas) wrote in sixties_sewing,
kommt sowieso alles aus dem gleichen Tanklaster

possibly daft sizing question...


I'm looking for patterns at the moment to make a 60s dress. All good so far and I've found some pretty cool ones. I can't get my head around the old sizes though. Here comes the probably really stupid question but I'm foreign so please forgive me :)

When it says "bust", does that mean I have to measure under my boobs, or is it the measurement that goes right across them?

And is there some sort of conversion chart for what size is what? I'm so confused. My measurements (35'' across boob, 25'' waist, 38'' hips) don't seem to conform to any of the measurements stated on the patterns. In modern UK sizes I'm pretty much a 12-14 on the bottom half and a 10 on the top half.

Many many thanks.

To make this post less boring, here's a skirt I made with a Vogue pattern my mum had flying around, she reckons it's early 70s:

It hangs nicer than that, it looks a bit stiff in the picture. My top is concealing another inch and a half or so of the waist of the skirt. Sorry if you've seen this on sew_hip already!
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